Christopher Creek neighbors to the east along Colcord Road are tucked up right under the Rim and share the spectacular scenic beauty of that area. We cherish our visits to that end of the district if for no other reason than to take in the views. On a couple of recent trips out there we have had the pleasure to run into some folks. There was John Starr holding court along the road as we passed. We stopped to see Joe and Jennie Branco. We were at Doc and Kathy’s place a couple of times as Doc and Randy Hostee have a band saw mill on the property. We were cutting up some Arizona walnut. This activity brought out the inquiring visitors Chris Manwarring and his buddy, Greg Bounds, and Jerry Lenzion, the guy who used to have our water company in the Creek. Talk of the subdivision was hard-working Joannie Price’s new excavator. And there was news that Doc is now the head of the road committee. It is not known if that is a job or a sentence.

The self-described Christopher Creek Spring Chickens finally got in their oft-delayed horseback trip. A broke down truck caused the most recent delay but after three weeks the ride came off. Patty Motley of MTM Trail Adventures hosted four Creek ladies on the 10-mile fun ride in and out of Horton Creek. Along with Patty that morning were Lisa, Ronna, Deb and FooFoo. They came home with sore bottoms, some great pictures and tales to tell.

One of our summer residents had a birthday this week. We don’t mention a lot of birthdays in this space, but when the party becomes a road trip it becomes noteworthy. When FooFoo let the word out that she was taking her husband, Dave, to Payson for Crabby Wednesday that is all it took. That evening, nearly a dozen Creekers loaded up and carpooled to the casino to help him celebrate his 54th. With school starting, the Sullivans’ summer in the Creek comes to an end, as FooFoo is a teacher. Happy birthday, Dave!

And while we are at it, Patrick “Doc” Doolittle celebrated his 65th on Tuesday this week. You remember when he brought his airplane to the Creek from Colcord to be in the parade a couple of years back. The plane was in honor of Doc’s grandfather, Jimmy Doolittle who led the bombing raid over Tokyo in World War II. Happy birthday, Doc.

Reports from last Saturday’s Firewise event down on the LDS parking lot say that attendance was good. A lot of kids, young and old, got free ice cream and the Firebelles served about 40 of their hot dogs. T-shirt sales were good. The Chief and Deanna spent most of the three hours there and all the firefighters made their appearances. The Firebelles also remind us that the Creek Days car show is rapidly approaching. Get those early entries in to get your car show T-shirt. Sept. 14 is the date for that event.

Backing up a bit, Karen Thornton was at the Book Festival in Payson. Among the many authors were three from the Creek: Marshall Trimble, Marsha Ward and Jim Hagen. Karen’s friend Buckshot Dot and Marshall both put on shows and each filled the room for their performances. A good crowd showed up for that event.

Maybe now we can put behind us the days of when you never were sure whether the Sun Devils were coming to Camp Tontozona. The fiasco that was Erickson, the soggy field years, and the two most recent years of construction have taken from us the enjoyment of the annual practices and the Saturday scrimmages. Next week we will get to see the new field and once again join the thousands of Sun Devil faithful who come to Rim Country.

A Christopher Creek celebrity and my friend, Spencer, is on tap to make his first trip to the Landmark during the Friday at Five cocktail hour on the patio. So, if a young man who stands about five-feet-twenty-inches tall tells you that your hair is on fire or there is a hundred dollar bill on the ground — that would be Spencer. Granted his comedy routine may need some work but once you have received a hug from this guy, you stay hugged for a while. He is looking forward to seeing all his Creek friends there and we are looking forward to seeing him.

One of the unintended consequences of running your golf cart into a tree is you interrupt your wife’s Lupus fundraising drive. Genny has lost about three weeks and is way behind this year. Maybe the Creek can make up for some of that this Friday evening ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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