Warmer temperatures a true joy

The bad weather of the past few months have left a mark on the area — lots of potholes.

Christopher Creek got an early shot of welcome, spring-like temperatures this week. Mid to high 60s could hang around for a while and there may be more than a few hereabouts that are so ready to be done with winter. Who can blame them?

Without going all weather-guy again, we’ll just say that 21 inches of moisture in the last three months didn’t leave us much time for sunshine. So, it’s been rather enjoyable getting out and soaking up all that vitamin D.

If you are looking for a new look as far as fashion this season, may we suggest the pith helmet and related attire. It may well be a jungle around the Creek come summer.

It was another enjoyable evening down at the Payson Public Library last Saturday. A Taste of Rim Country brings out the finest in folks and foods, with this year being particularly exceptional in both categories.

Sheila’s Creekside and Mike’s crew from Kohl’s Ranch represented our area. Hats off to the trio of venues from Pine that ran away with all the honors this year. The guys with quarter-inch thick, soft-textured, melt-in-your-mouth, near-orgasmic smoked bacon stole the show, in my opinion.

The Christopher/Kohl’s Firebelles will have a board meeting at station 51 at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 15. Should you be interested in this organization, they would love to have you.

Recently, we ran into Laura and Pete Lastrange who have a place on Apple Lane about half-way down. Pete was telling us of his plan to bring his mother, Marlys, back to the Creek, perhaps this spring. Marlys had the Landmark after Tony and Janie, sometime in the early ’90s.

Mike Levac stopped by to tell us his mother, Margot, will return from San Diego to visit this weekend. Her early return has at times brought with it another snowstorm. We don’t need it, Margot.

If this is Friday evening, you may find a number of us on the patio at the Landmark, sitting around their first campfire of the season. They will be open on weekends as we work our way in to spring.

This month marks the beginning of the fifth year of “Another Week in the Creek.” To be an ambassador for Christopher Creek and surrounding area has been an enjoyable adventure. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing more to write about as the deadline approaches, but something always presents itself. If nothing else there is always the weather!

Two hundred columns is enough to fill a couple of novels. An attempt has been made to make each week a fresh look at life here in the mountains.

On occasion we have been fortunate to have guest contributors in this space and we will continue to encourage those who wish to share their story to come forward.

You may have noticed several trademarks of these columns. The same two words open each week’s offering, as the focus is always Christopher Creek. We include in this the surrounding area of Kohl’s Ranch, Colcord Road and the rest of our fire district.

Each time there is an attempt to close with a bit of humor or sarcasm. “Attempt” would be the active word in that last sentence.

Should it seem at times that the wording of phrases are a bit convoluted, the reason may be that writing in the third person can be challenging. In 200,000 words you have yet to read a first person singular pronoun.

We will endeavor to improve as we go forth with all things Christopher Creek which means kids and dogs, parades and events, places to see, people coming and going, just life in a small, mountain hamlet in the Rim Country of Arizona.

Not all of what you read here is important to everybody, but nearly everything you read here is important to somebody.

Thank you for checking in from time to time.

There was a time when the newspaper made the proper acknowledgments on photos submitted with this column. Apologies from this writer go out to all those who had contributed their photography to be included with this column and have not received credit.

This is to the attention of Gila County. Tony Robbins said most people have a dirt road to happiness and a highway to pain. Well, it seems our dirt road to happiness is full of potholes now and has become a real pain ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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