Our daughter Judy is a volunteer and foster-mom for HALO in Phoenix — a rescue organization for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. They are always desperate for newspaper donations for the cages, and usually running low. Recently they experienced one of their very desperate days. Judy got on the phone, spending the entire day calling numerous places — especially local newspaper companies in Phoenix. She seemed to get mostly lukewarm attention, either telling her to call another time or wanting to charge large fees for old-issue bundles.

After almost giving up, she took a chance on calling our local paper, the Payson Roundup, here in Payson. She finally scored! Julie Williams was so friendly and accommodating, saying that they would certainly be able to supply her with some bundles for her charity.

Jim and I went over the next day to pick up the bundles, at best hoping for five or six bundles. We almost went into shock when Julie rolled out a cart loaded with 20 bundles, each having 25-50 newspapers. With both gratefulness and excitement, we couldn’t wait to call Judy. We then met her and her husband half-way down to Phoenix to exchange our bundle loads, so that HALO could receive them the same day.

It so happened that when they pulled up to HALO, the employees/volunteers were having an outdoor meeting, and everyone was both excited and grateful for this donation gift.

A big salute to Payson Roundup for making this happen. And I would also like to call this “Another Small-Town Good News Story.”

Joann Hippel, Payson

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