Things start at the county level. I know and interact with our county recorder (a conservative). I also interact with our election director. Our recorder interacts with the other 14 county recorders. She has not detected “massive” fraud. The other 14 recorders comprised of both Republicans and Democrats have not detected massive fraud. The IT departments did not detect massive fraud. Consequently, the Dominion software conspiracy is so smart and so well “cloaked” it fooled 15 experienced recorders, election directors and IT departments in every county? Dominion software is so intelligent, it “changed” just enough ballots for Biden to win ... without detection?

Further, are the Democrats so much smarter than Republicans that they were able to pull this Dominion implementation off, without Republicans having one inkling, hence not intervening? I would say this is somewhat of a self indictment on Republican intelligence. To be blunt, Republicans must be pretty stupid in order to be so clueless (BTW ... I am one and voted for Trump).

Further, Democrats implemented Dominion strategically and craftily in all the swing states without any prior detection. Keeping in mind the old saying, “The only way to keep a secret between three people is if two of them are dead,” I’ll let you apply Occam’s razor.

As of this date, Mr. Trump’s legal team and Republican leadership have lost state Supreme Court petitions to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia and Texas. As well, the United States Supreme Court rejected a petition by Texas which included Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. Not once have these submissions been affirmed. It only makes sense that if credible evidence of mass voter fraud existed, at least one of these lawsuits would have been affirmed. What does not make sense is that all of those state Supreme Court judges and United States Supreme Court judges have been somehow corrupted by Democrats. At times, these judges have been branded “traitors,” including current U.S. Supreme Court judges on a bench dominated by conservatives. At some point it begins to emulate a “terrible two” child throwing a fit in the grocery store because mommy won’t buy him the candy he grabbed.

The other side of the coin might be that in 2016 Mr. Trump went in as a “disrupter” aka “change agent.” He successfully garnered many votes from centrist Republicans and independents to accomplish this. However, at some point, the “change agent” must make change to become a “sustain agent.” Not that they abandon change completely, but the mode of operation must change — it didn’t. The consequence may have been that people who were willing to “hold their nose” and vote for the change agent, simply refused and didn’t vote or “held their nose” and voted blue.

Mr. Trump and the Republican leadership who (for fear of losing their seat) refused to hold him accountable and help him change his M.O. IMHO, they are the ones who bear the burden of culpability for the loss. By the way, in August, the Trump campaign fired the software/media strategic genius (Brad Parscale) who engineered his 2016 win. Who bears the burden of culpability for that move? If there was a potential “mass” fraud apparatus lurking in the shadows, would the genius have maybe found it?

I am not happy with the outcome. In looking at the results of the House, the Senate and the presidential results, the popular vote clearly spoke to the far right and the far left. It said (it shouted), “We desire a move toward the middle!” Rather than wasting time and valuable resources on conspiracy theory and whining “they stole it,” I would encourage my fellow Republicans to learn from 2020 and place all energy and funding into the strategy, the candidates and the platform that will align with what it will take to win back the presidency in 2024. I would add, the House to that; as well as retention of the Senate.

You can accomplish this by volunteering to recruit young people to register Republican. You can volunteer to run a voter education program in your community. You can host a neighborhood candidate meet and greet. You can volunteer to go door to door to promote a candidate. You can collect signatures for a candidate. You can volunteer to man a voting center in your precinct. You can actively campaign to be a precinct committee person in your precinct. You cannot accomplish any of these sitting on your couch and whining that the election was stolen on Facebook and calling people who disagree names. So, my fellow Republicans, I challenge you — Get after it!

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