My fellow Americans, born or adopted, so, did you enjoy your holiday weekend? Did you go to the lake or mountains? Did you barbecue and drink a beer or two? Maybe you just slept in and chilled on the extra day off. But, why? Why did you have an extra day off? You had it because it was Memorial Day. Something to do with veterans. Some war, or something. This is the truth: We have an extra day off because it is vital to our survival as a country and as a human race that we do not forget. The memory of these sacred events must be remembered, and why we celebrate them. It is not for weekends at the lake or steaks on the porch. It is because human liberty is stained red with the blood of those who first won it, and those who have countless times been sent to defend it.

The three big holidays of the summer are Memorial Day, where we celebrate the beginning of summer; Independence Day, where we celebrate fireworks; and Veterans Day, where we celebrate the last summer weekend. We are poor Americans, a generation self-absorbed, disgracing the sacrifice of those who came before us, not just of the veterans who served, and those who died serving, but of the people who loved these ones, whose nights were sleepless while son, daughter, husband, father, etc., were in harm’s way, whose hearts were broken and lives shattered when two uniformed service members came knocking on their doors. We celebrate to remember the price of our liberty and prosperity, to pay homage to those who served in its cause, and to memorialize our honored fallen.

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