On Nov. 6, voters will determine the future of the Trump administration’s successes in improving the lives of every citizen in the country. And those improvements have been substantial. The lowest unemployment in decades, tax cuts that’s saving citizens thousands of dollars, bonuses for millions, and blue-collar income is jumping. But all could be lost if voters place a vote for any Democrat. To retain all these benefits voters must vote for Republicans. Here’s why:

From the Judge Kavanaugh hearings to Democrats chasing Republican officials out of restaurants, to more than 500 incidents of Republicans across the country being physically assaulted by Democrats, to a Democrat supporter attempting to assassinate Republicans at a baseball practice, to Maxine Walters screaming to supporters to assault Republicans, Democrats have clearly demonstrated they are the party of “mob rule.” Unacceptable! Republicans believe in reason and the rule of law and deliberate debate on issues.

If Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, the economy will slump back into Obama era high unemployment and a stagnant economy. For all those who recently got a new job, got a better job, or got a pay raise, all that will be lost.

Democrats have no platform to benefit any American. Instead, they obstruct everything; including tax breaks, rising employment, and a booming Trump economy all of which have improved the lives of Americans. Democrats want open borders and sanctuary cities to protect criminals and now support for the caravan. They even defend MS-13 gangs, one of the most brutal gangs ever, and they want to disband the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) — a law enforcement agency. No wonder President Trump properly describes the Democrat party as “the party of crime.”

Democrats will again weaponize government to abuse Americans. Remember the IRS abuse on innocent groups, wire tapping of reporters and public officials (General Flynn) and the tapping of President Trump’s phone conversation with the prime minister of Australia, to the abuses by the Department of Justice and the FBI?

And the reader should know that the Democratic National Committee will push this agenda down to even the lowest local Democrat.

So, with all the “mob” behavior being demonstrated by Democrats, no Democrat, not even a dog catcher, deserves a vote to be in a government office.

Vote for reason and the rule of law. Vote Republican.

Gary Morris is the chairman of the Gila County Republican Committee,

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