On 18 June, Anne Marie Ward condemned Paul Gosar’s recent attack on law enforcement. Gosar was quoted in the Payson Roundup as saying that, “[t]he police in this country have lost the support of millions of Americans who do not trust their judgment. From the murder of Mr. Floyd to harassing suburban moms in a park, or old people on a beach, law enforcement has created a trust problem for themselves.”

Anne Marie sharply criticized Gosar’s statement. “Paul should apologize to his constituents and to all law enforcement officers in Arizona. This is totally inappropriate for a member of Congress to say in ANY context. Unlike my opponent, I fully support our brave police officers. AZ04 loves our men and women in blue (Paul, you might know this if you actually lived in the district you pretend to represent)!”

Ward has distinguished herself from Gosar in her strong support of law enforcement, pointing to Gosar’s votes against 9/11 first responders and against making it a federal crime to commit a targeted attack on law enforcement.

Ward has been a vocal supporter of law enforcement. On 13 June, she posted a photo on social media that was widely shared across the district, expressing her support of police officers. Three days later, a campaign sign of hers was vandalized with the acronym, “ACAB” (All Cops are Bastards). Ward responded on social media by again offering her full support to law enforcement and by calling for civility. She posted on 17 June: “We cannot make positive change in this country by using hateful and derogatory language, whether racially driven or by the profession which someone pursues ... there is far more that unites us in this country than divides us. We can no longer allow career politicians to use tragedies like this to break our nation into rivaling factions for their own political gain.”

In light of Gosar’s critical statement on law enforcement, Ward further stated on 18 June: “Paul Gosar’s comment lumps the entire profession of law enforcement into a category of bad actors who do not deserve our trust. I can’t overstate how damaging this is. We deserve better from our representative.” The primary faceoff between Ward and Gosar — who resides outside the district — is on Aug. 4, 2020.

Anne Marie Ward is a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in AZ-04.

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If you do not back the police, you cannot represent me. The actual evidence does not support the BLM rhetoric. Vote for Ward. If Arizona among other states does not put people in office who can intelligently move the USA and Arizona forward as was intended, they must be defeated.

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