I see that “A Better Payson” is at it again taking shots at me and my supporters and allies, based on bold faced lies. It’s interesting that they have not come out from behind their wall of anonymity so we can all see who they are and who they represent.

They, who identify as “A Better Payson” have been sarcastically referring to me as an octogenarian. I would remind them that using that term describing people in a negative way is age discrimination and age discrimination is one of the few forms of libel that can merit a trial by jury in federal court. I remind them also that Benjamin Franklin was in his 80s when he worked on the U.S. Constitution, the same Constitution that is the law of the land and which many of us have taken an oath to defend. If they are saying that I am not viable because of my age, let me invite them to one of my martial arts classes which I teach weekly to raise money for the homeless and needy. Come out of the shadows, you “brave” people and let’s discuss your lies in the light of day face to face.

I have been blamed by “them” for not having a reliable internet here in Payson. That is laughable. Please come out of the shadows and explain to me and the residents how the mayor has any power or authority over this issue. The internet service is coming to rural Arizona. We will receive our fair share and yes, I will watch the “deals” closely to be certain we get the best option for the town, not for just the “chosen” few.

While you are at it, why don’t you explain to the residents how I am responsible for the years of lack of basic town services and growth before I was mayor?

“A Better Payson” is a group of disgruntled former leadership and “chosen” few who want their power back at any cost. Sound familiar?

The ONLY special interest I have is you, the people of Payson. As long as I am your mayor, you can be sure I will deliver the best services available to you. You have heard me say many times, I work for you. My door is open, always has been and always will be. This town belongs to all of us. Stay safe and healthy.

Mayor Tom Morrissey

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Mike White

Can someone please post the names of the people who call themselves A Better Payson? It would be nice to know before election day. Why are they hiding behind a generic, simplistic name? Might they be some of the anti-Mayor town councilors and/or MHA leaders?

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