This happened Sept. 10, 2020. My wife and I took our 2015 GMC Terrain to the Speedway Car Wash at 701 E. Hwy. 260 in Payson. We were inside the car going through the car wash when we heard two loud bangs, so loud it startled us both. Immediately on exiting the car wash, I got out to see what had happened. On the driver’s side immediately in front of the luggage rack was a dent about the size of a silver dollar approximately 3/4 of an inch deep, and a smaller dent just behind it. I drove around to the front and reported what had happened to the people operating the car wash. They called the manager, who arrived in about 15 minutes. She took the information and assured us that Speedway would take care of the damage to our vehicle.

After a couple of weeks, having heard nothing from Speedway concerning what the procedure would be to repair my vehicle, I called the Speedway headquarters in Ohio, and explained to the person answering the telephone what happened. She checked and told me they had a copy of the reported incident filed by the manager in Payson and gave me the case number. She also wanted to let me know that Speedway self-insures for these matters. I was then transferred to the person who would handle the case, which went to his voicemail. I left a message for him to call me back. I received no call back, but received a letter dated Sept. 23, 2020, informing me that the case was under investigation and I would receive a response by mail as soon as they arrived at a determination. Having heard nothing I called again Nov. 5, 2020. I could not reach the person investigating the incident, but was connected to his supervisor, who told me that it was still being investigated, and I should soon hear something, by mail.

Having heard nothing by Feb. 8, 2021, I finally decided to contact my insurance company, even though I have $500 deductible, and filed a claim, having given up on Speedway. My insurance provider took my claim and my vehicle is being repaired at present.

I received a letter from Speedway, dated Feb. 9, 2021 (coincidence?), informing me they would not assume any responsibility for any damage I had incurred to my vehicle.

I just want to give a heads up to the Payson community about what they might expect should something happen when using any Speedway business.

Jim Livingston, Payson

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