Over the past several years our nation has become more divided than I have seen it during my entire 80 years of life.

Rather than being united as one nation, all too many of our citizens exist in “tribes” of like-minded individuals who feel that anyone who doesn’t think as they do is an unpatriotic degenerate deserving of ridicule and scorn.

This was exemplified in a most disgusting bumper sticker I recently noticed while driving in Payson which read: “liberals are so open minded that their brains fall out.” Not only are the individuals who sport these absurd slogans showing their extreme bigotry and close-mindedness, but without realizing it, they are playing into the hands of our adversaries. In particular Russia who has a lot to gain by keeping us divided and at each other’s throats.

If we continue down this path of division, bigotry and tribalism, sooner or later the word united in United States of America will be completely meaningless. If this ever occurs, then our adversaries will have won in negating the most powerful statement in our Constitution that makes us the nation that our founders envisioned: “We the people.”

Daniel Richardson, Payson

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Phil Mason

Come on Daniel, you can do better than that. An oblique bumper sticker to prove the nation divided?

How about calling the President illegitimate (elected by a landslide in the Electoral College) or a racist (signed justice reform, direct funding to the historic black colleges AND lowest unemployment for blacks and latinos in history) or a traitor ( restored American dominance on the global economic and military stages) not on a bumper sticker but in the halls of Congress?

That level of hostility has never come from the conservatives in that venue.

The sham impeachment as an attempt to overturn the 2016 Election and interfere with the 2020 Election is reprehensible and coming from a single source - the socialist communist wing of the Democrat Party.

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