Allen is funding success


A letter writer calls Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen “quixotic” (“Laughable lines from our legislator” Oct. 4 Roundup) and though he fails to specify anything she has said that might come under the heading of “quixotic,” he does accuse her of “underfunding” public schools while supporting “giveaway programs” to charter schools.

This claim is absolute nonsense, as she has proven repeatedly, and which her voting record clearly reflects. And considering the fact that charter schools have proven to be far and away better educational institutions than public schools in this state, there is nothing wrong with funding success.

The letter writer reveals in his very last sentence why he opposes Senator Allen, and it is precisely why she is our senator. He says, “Forward thinking and progressive ideas don’t seem to be the forte of the current crop of lawmakers in our district.” That’s because “forward thinking” in the “progressive ideas” context simply do not work in the real world, and have resulted in decay and poverty and corruption in every city in our nation where they have been employed.

We have elected our current crop of realistic, conservative legislators in our district precisely because we do not want useless, dangerous, corrupt “forward thinking progressive ideas” infesting our district.

Donald Cline, Star Valley

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Phil Mason

District Schools receive free facilities from the School Facilities Board and have property tax revenues that, in the case of PUSD, is more than double the state appropriations that Charter Schools get. Worse, PUSD, which says it is teaching to the test, achieved utter failure in the AZMerit tests with over 2/3 of the high school students tested failing the dumbed down test. That failure for our students should not be accepted especially with more and more money redirected from the classroom by the Admin and Board.

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