Allen’s words taken out of context


As the lead organizer for the “Mormon Political Pioneers: Then and Now” event, I feel compelled to speak out in defense of Senator Sylvia Allen. I am a first-generation American with Honduran and Costa Rican heritage. There were several individuals in attendance at our event who were immigrants, naturalized citizens, Hispanic, and African American.

To make the false accusation that Senator Allen is a racist, and try to paint her as such, shows how unreliable, bias, and misleading many of Arizona’s current news sources have become.

Her words were taken completely out of context. Senator Allen’s focus was on preserving our nation’s Constitution and was explaining how, if our nation is not careful to help new immigrants assimilate and learn our values, Americans will surely over time forget our country’s founding principles.

My own family worked hard to become part of this great nation and would not want to see it turn corrupt like some of our neighbor countries to the south.

The fact is that because Senator Allen spoke this sincere concern and is white, she made herself an easy target for a progressive shill of a journalist who evidently was running low on fake news to write.

Tatiana Peña

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Phil Mason

Fantastic perspective. Reminds me of the sister of a victim of the El Paso shooting. Her appreciation of the consideration and personal empathy by President Trump was a large healing factor for her family. The MSM never ran her story because they were too busy demagoguing a tragedy caused by a person who was mentally ill.

The unwarranted biased attacks on Senator Allen, whom I have worked in the same workplace with, are reprehensible and should be rejected by all fair minded people regardless of political persuasion.

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