On one hand, we have District 6 AZ State Senator Sylvia Allen. She actually lives and works in District 6, and has a family ranch here on which she hosts shooting matches as fundraisers (actual involvement with firearms, not just talk about and pictures of them).

Sen. Allen also has an actual voting record on issues of concern to District 6 voters. The Center for Arizona Policy Action website focuses on issues of sanctity of life, marriage, family and religious freedom, and scores members of the AZ legislature on their votes on these issues. Sen. Allen scores 100%.

On the other hand, we have Wendy Rogers whose primary residence, business, and seat of her previous campaigns is in Tempe. She alludes to a fondness for firearms, but has no evidence of sincerity in this category. She claims to be pro-Trump, although one might question what this has to do with a political office in the state of Arizona, and her less than enthusiastic record of Trump support? She has no discernible record with respect to any of the issues that are of concern to mountain/country folk in District 6. There are claims that her interest in the District 6 AZ Senate seat are simply to add a campaign win as a stepping stone to a congressional seat for which she keeps losing.

Wendy Rogers failed to convince the voters of AZ Districts 1, 9 and 17 of her merits as a candidate for anything. She seems convinced that District 6 voters are a bunch of dim-witted mountain hicks that won’t see through her record of lying about her own positions and those of her opponents. Spend enough money on negative ads about Senator Allen, put up a bunch of roadside posters representing nothing, have “Rural Arizona Pac” (whoever or whatever that is) put out a hit piece with four independently footnoted charges against Senator Allen, but without the text of the list of footnotes on said document supporting the charges (thus rendering the charges no more than lies), and we mountain morons will be convinced to vote for Rogers.

With the interest of most of the state legislature in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and Maricopa County, warriors for the high country are few and far between. Send Wendy Rogers back to Maricopa County where she belongs. Support Senator Sylvia Allen this November.

Terry Putnam, Young

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Drake Mitchell

I encourage everyone to look up all articles on Sylvia Allen and prove to your self, with your own eyes that Sylvia Allen went negative first and has been lying to you. They also filed a charge at the Secretary of States office in early May saying Col Rogers did not live in the district which she must to run. The Secretary of State's office returned the "With Prejudice" meaning case close and you can not even file again. Those are strong words. So the Allen campaign and Dwight Kadar in particular has known since the 29th of May since it was his complaint. So every time you have seen or heard the Tempe Wendy tag line they knew it was a lie. Every radio show and interview, every news paper quote and paid ad was false. Liar, liar, pants on fire. It's time for a change. Anyone but Allen and her Cabal 2020.

When this race is over, the GOP needs to take out their trash. Stop listening to the haters and liars. Please contact Please contact our Campaign Finance and Lobbying Manager, Gina Swoboda, at

gswoboda@azsos.gov or 602.364.3219 and get a copy of the dismissal. Stop being sheep being lead to the pen to be sheered once again by a professional politician. Free your mind and your vote will follow!

Phil Mason

Wendy should be renamed Windy as she is nothing but a empty wind bag with NO positive track record. Windy believes in the Democrat philosophy that the easiest way to improve yourself is to tear down everyone else.

Since her glide political glide path is on the perpetual decline, we should look for her to run for an HOA Board position in Ajo next election. Her plaint will be Won't ANYONE elect me to anything . . . PLEASE.

Rose Sperry

On the other hand, WE THE PEOPLE have Wendy Rogers, a proven resident of LD6. Shame on Sylvia Allen for withholding that information from you.

Wendy doesn’t need The Center for Arizona Policy’s endorsement to prove her stance on defending the sanctity of life, marriage, family, and religious freedom. Her military record of twenty years speaks to that. That’s where she defended those Constitutional rights for Sylvia Allen, Cathie Herrod, you, me, and the guy next door.

Moving on. 3M is a company in Minnesota. Did they lose their residency status because they do business elsewhere? No! However, you would have the uninformed voter believe that because Wendy has a company elsewhere, it must prove she doesn’t reside where she does. Wendy can do business in Tupelo, Tempe, or Timbuktu and not lose her residency status in LD6. That is unless that right is reserved for only 3M or people you accept

Community record? What has Sylvia Allen done for the folks in Cottonwood or Yavapai County, where I reside? NADA! When we approached her for advice about the water issues we were having, she blew us off. If she couldn’t help us, she could have pointed us in the right direction. She didn’t.

CD1 race in 2018. The voters didn’t want Wendy Rogers? From where I sit, they wanted her a lot more than they did RED-FLAG Steve Smith, the writer of SB1519.

Negative ads! Who through out the first punch in that arena? Sylvia Allen! “Rural Arizona Pac?” Do you not know that another person is vying for the Senate seat? Perhaps you might attribute that Pac to her. It is bizarre you look for footnotes but hesitate to follow links provided time and again that show Sylvia’s voting record.

Stepping Stone to Congress? Have you chastised Matt Salmon, Andy Biggs, David Schweikert, and Debbie Lesko for using that Stone? If it’s such a bad thing, why not?

In the interest of, not most, but ALL cities, counties, state, nation, and our AZ Educational System vote for someone who hasn’t voted against the Constitution. That person is Wendy Rogers.

Eric Frizzell

Terry Putnam, Young-You are not only dead wrong about the differences between Sylvia Allen verses Col Rogers, you have them reversed and ought to be completely ashamed of yourself. What’s even worse, is, you haven’t cited any convincing evidence to your claim against Col Rogers and failed to provide any convincing evidence to remotely, much less adequately defend Sylvia Allen with; you’re all form and no substance. What you’ve stated in this article has been rehashing so badly, that having been rehashed to death would be an improvement, with any reasonable person screaming: “Where’s the beef???!!!” Col Rogers has never, ever lied about her record and her accomplishments-ever!...yet, the same can’t be said for Sylvia Allen, no matter what her supporters and she herself howls, to the contrary, otherwise Sylvia Allen wouldn’t have been caught in lies and proven wrong, all throughout this campaign and Col Rogers repeatedly having been proven right, throughout this campaign, (with at least one documented Arizona court victory to prove it) and gaining former Sylvia Allen supporters, at that! Lastly, whether Col Rogers decides to using this campaign to gain traction for an eventual run for Congress is up to her and entirely her right; Sylvia Allen (and one of her primary mentors, Beijing Joe) would have done the same, whether you lie and deny this truism, or not! A Proud Veteran and NRA Lifer-Eric Frizzell

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