America is awake


I read with interest the letter from last week about America needing to “wake up.” The letter criticized President Trump for a variety of reasons and it was obvious the writer was part of the Democratic political party.

Well, America IS awake which is why we voted Donald Trump into office in 2016! He is, by far, the best president America has seen in decades. He has strengthened our military, refuses to be wishy-washy about protecting this great nation from foreign terrorists, realizes that citizens have the right to bear arms, speaks what he thinks and does not play this silly “politically correct” language game that has become so ridiculous. He will not be pushed by any specific group and when he draws a line in the sand and says “don’t cross this” he means it. THAT is what a president should do.

I can hardly wait for his re-election in 2020 and see what he can accomplish with four more years!

Kathy Hopkins, Payson

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Steve Brule

I'm not a Hillary or a Trump fan but Trump got 62,984,828 and Clinton got 65,853,514 votes more people stayed home than voted in the 2016 election. The top 1% paid less than average working class American this year in taxes. Wages have stagnated and the majority of Americans live on less than $11.00 an hour while working 2 or 3 jobs to get by. People are rationing their insulin and dying because they can't afford healthcare. 500,000 Americans are homeless including thousands of veterans.I fail to see how Trump has made this country any better than when Obama took over.

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