Regarding the July 16 letter to the editor from John Cheely asking the question “What’s the problem with Republicans?” I have a few possible answers for him if he’ll take the time to read them.

REPUBLICANS ARE FRUSTRATED. We are called Nazis. We are called conspiracy theorists. We are called deplorables (I’m an adorable deplorable). We have no voice in the mainstream media so our long-held opinions regarding the branding of our ways of life as RACISTS or intolerant are more than we deserve and we’re getting sick of it. We are getting mixed messaging regarding masking so I’m sure there are those who get frustrated on both sides. There’s an obvious difference in how we are being portrayed and how we really are.

I have a few questions for Mr. Cheely now.

Why are Democrats so fragile? Why do they want to teach our precious children to be hateful of one another while learning how to find pleasure in their own bodies? Why do your elected officials feel it’s OK to shamelessly lie to the public time after time (the Republicans want to defund the police FOR INSTANCE)? Why are they afraid to verify election results if everything was so transparent? Why do they feel free to interject themselves in others’ business then cry “FOUL” when they get a negative reaction as in the case of your wife (some call that a Karen). She instigated her own misery. Then you, her gallant knight, feel it necessary to blame ALL Republicans via the Roundup because of two men. SERIOUSLY? I can unequivocally guarantee President Trump would have no interest in this “important issue” nor in the way your wife perceived those men’s responses to her. I should be embarrassed to even be responding to your silly letter, but you asked a question that needs answering.

There are so many important issues this great country is dealing with from at city levels to the federal. I hope and pray you are even interested in making yourself aware. Not through Jimmy Kimmel or liberal media who’s even admitted they want to control what their viewers know and think through selective reporting. Republicans are fighting for freedom. You’ll thank us later mark my words.

Patrice Abbott, Payson

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