Appalling lack of judgment


Until the Thursday, Aug. 8 Payson Town Council meeting, I had believed that the craziness infecting national politics had miraculously passed us by. But events at that meeting clearly showed I was wrong.

Town Manager LaRon Garrett had served the Town of Payson for 25 years in a variety of positions of responsibility. I had the pleasure of working with him for five years as town manager myself and for eight years as a member of the town council.

In my 40-year career in local government that spanned six different communities, I had occasion to work with many competent and dedicated individuals, but few at the level that LaRon consistently demonstrated.

In the space of one short meeting, the current council majority by a 4-3 vote threw all those years of dedication and experience away. And they did it with vague and ill-defined rationale and woefully little public input.

As a consequence, I have grave concerns about the future of our community, especially since no plan has been revealed for refilling this vital position.

I applaud council members Underwood, Higgins and Smith for refusing to go along with this unwarranted action.

The next time Payson voters go to the polls, which is barely a year from now, we should all remember the appalling lack of judgment shown by the other four.

Fred Carpenter, former Payson town manager and retired vice mayor

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Jack Hastings

Bad "ole Boys and gals : Tom Morrissey. Jim Ferris, Suzy Tubbs, Janell Sterner. We need FORWARD THINKING PEOPLE running our town. Not a bunch of old folks stuck in the past.

Phil Mason

It is amazing that your experience did not educate you that when it comes to personnel issues, the city cannot be candid with the factors that go into making that decision. A complete public discussion of the underlying factors would automatically place the town at risk for a defamation lawsuit. Having been a supervisor at the state capitol, I was advised without exception to not go into the reasons for any termination of services.

The secondary fact that you (and LaRon) have been a charter member of the good 'ol boys network that have run this town for decades requires a large dose of cynicism as to the impartiality of your assessment. Enjoy your retirement and try to not be a puppet in a KE scheme to negate the will of the voters.

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