Arizona’s deathtrap


Just read about the seventh drowning in Fossil Creek since 2015.

A 51-year-old man drowned trying to save his 12-year-old son (Roundup, July 23). I wonder how many more will drown before the Forest Service does something?

I know a helipad has been installed. That’s nice, we can now fly out the drowned victims, or the wife of the drowned man with heart issues or the young lady that nearly died of heatstroke and, thanks to the heroic members of the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department, lived but spent a few nights in ICU.

I see a number of different options. I’m sure there are others.

1. Close off the road from both sides to deny access. Of course, having been a high school teacher for 32 years, I know there is no greater challenge to a teenager than “No Trespassing,” “Private Property” or “No Swimming” signs, etc., so that might not be a viable solution.

2. Fence off the most dangerous areas to swim.

3. Install some life-saving devices like a buoy or life ring. Someone had said the Forest Service might consider that an invitation or attractive nuisance.

I don’t think people need an invitation and I would call it a human tragedy not a nuisance.

An AED mounted on a post or tree could also help to save lives.

4. Position a permanent Forest Service life guard there during all possible swimming times.

5. Make it into a state park and charge admission to pay for personnel, safety, porta potties, etc.

6. Do nothing and wait for another drowning to occur.

Ira Gibel, Pine

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