I’m writing this in response to the Sept. 24th article on Destry Haught. It was terribly inaccurate and totally unfair to Terri’s memory and her family.

Destry was portrayed as a “Zane Grey character” in a novel, that he is a victim of the legal system and mental illness. As a woman, how can the writer romanticize and sympathize with a man who gunned down his wife in her own home.

The article insinuates that because of the fire burning some of his rangeland and pandemic issues somehow he had the right to snap and kill his loving, faithful, hard-working wife.

He had a donated semi-load of hay on the way, the church and a huge circle of friends were working on raising money for him and other ranchers, not to mention he had thousands of dollars in assets he could have sold to stay afloat, so there is absolutely no excuse for his behavior.

Over 30 ranchers have been affected by last year’s and this year’s fires, yet not one of those other fire victims murdered their wife over the stress, so let’s stop making excuses, please.

Most of the men incarcerated for murder will tell you they don’t remember what they did, they didn’t mean to, or had some kind of mental stress that made them snap, that doesn’t change the fact that they committed a crime that carries a punishment, there is a reason we have laws and a justice system. Destry owes a debt for taking Terri’s life, mental illness or not.

She was a kind, patient, amazing woman and if anyone deserved to be on the front page of the paper it’s her, not her killer.

If Destry is really sorry for what he did he would stop asking everyone to write character letters for him and help him get out. He should put his big boy pants on, own up to the fact that he robbed his kids of their mother, devastated a community of close-knit family and friends, and humbly serve whatever sentence the judge deems fit and be thankful for the free years he will have at the end of his sentence. He owes that to Terri.

Garrett Haught, Winkelman

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(2) comments

Ned Rasker

Whoa! What a perfect approach to this terrible situation. Spot on!

Gladto Knowya

Well written and he isn’t wrong

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