There are three issues these politicians use when election season rolls around I’ve noticed. They are 1) immigration, 2) voter suppression, and 3) abortion. We as voters can always count on Reps. Barton and Blackman to bring the subject of abortion up. I have to say, they are insistent. It’s like clockwork!

I used to wonder why. I no longer wonder. It seems the reason is to work their supporters/voters up who are passionate about this subject. It appears that the issue is put out there several times during election season. The times are usually: February or early March. Once again in May. Yet again in July or August — got to keep subject out there! Lastly, in September before election day. I say shame on you guys!

First of all, you are taking the issue of abortion and associating it with murder. In 1973 the case of Roe v. Wade, which is the law of this land, was amended to the Constitution of the United States. Yet, you keep coming back again and again at such interesting times. There is no doubt in my mind that you both consider yourselves the “law and order” duo.

Secondly, hypocrites. The time we live in now COVID-19 has turned most of our worlds upside down. Families who were dependent on school lunches to feed their children had the rug pulled from under them. Mom or dad had to quit their job to provide child care. The place where children would go while mom and dad were at work, schools, have been closed.

In essence it sounds like you both are pro-birth. That means deliver a child into the world regardless of how the parents feel about it. Just get it here! Pro-life, on the other hand, means to me from birth to adulthood — 18 years old. It means providing food, shelter, education, time, and much, much morel

I have a few questions. Will you both be at the hospital at delivery time? Will you follow and provide the things these children will need until this person turns 18? What about that education fund? So, expensive these days. Of course, you won’t.

That is why I am asking you to cut it out! It appears neither one of you care about how the child is raised. So please, let the folks who have to make this most serious of decisions, make the call. Their doctors nor they are breaking the law.

Also, the bills you usually propose never focus on the father. The focus is always on the female and her body. What is the male’s responsibility when both the male and female make the decision to abort?

See you guys in May!

Bettie Julkes, Payson

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