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One of the goals stated in the January women’s march was an “inclusive society guided by self-determination, dignity and respect for all.” Missing from inclusion is one marginalized segment of society, 61 million unborn children killed by horrific methods of abortion since 1973. After all, without life, what good is the pursuit of liberty and happiness or a future of equality, justice, education, etc., when there is no future?

The murder of babies (Webster: The premeditated killing of one human being by another) encompasses many areas of society: Racism is considered a capital offense, but 52 percent of terminations are performed on minorities. Even this number of babies of color may not be accurate as reporting is not mandatory in many areas and may not include chemical abortions from the use of contraceptives, approximately 14 million/yr. Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin L. King, is convinced that genocide is being perpetrated against African-Americans, a la Margaret Sanger.

Human trafficking: includes the sale of baby parts for reuse or for experimentation ($1,100 for a brain, $700 for a heart, etc). Gender: According to the Guttmacher Institute, only eight states have banned abortions for gender selection. When will there be a march against this travesty of little sisters being killed? Immigration: Even illegal immigrants have their babies “ripped” from their wombs, paid for by taxpayer money.

Capital punishment: The guilty are allowed to live but the innocent condemned to die.

Social Security: When started, the ratio of workers to beneficiaries was in the form of a pyramid, which now has become inverted. In 1945 the ratio was 42:1 but is now 3:1. Recently, a law passed in New York that allows killing an unborn child even during delivery and allowing a baby to die outside the womb if it survives. Infanticide now rears its ugly head. If a birthday can become a death day why not at a later age? Incrementalism worked with abortion.

It is interesting that science is called upon to prove the existence of God but ignored completely where the humanity of the unborn is concerned.

And imagine where the nation would be if all the veterans who gave their lives had not been allowed to be born. Since convenience and wantedness have become criteria for a death sentence, it behooves everyone to be kind to everyone else.

Anne Murray, Payson

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Ted Paulk

Such a pack of lies should not be published in a Public Newspaper. Shame on the Roundup and shame on the person who submitted such nonsense.

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