Perhaps I’m “conflating” two completely different issues. The Roundup recently stated that Town of Payson gives $270,000/year in bed taxes to the event center and realizes $100,000/year in revenue. Hmm …

On the other hand, another article says TOP will take over the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, which receives $36,000-$43,000/year. How can TOP justify this disparity? How about reallocating some of that $270,000 from the event center to allow the chamber to continue operating the Visitor Center?

Despite the promised “cap on costs” with this takeover, the only realistic cost evidence, $150,000/year, comes from other similar-sized towns’ visitor centers. What makes the council and staff think Payson’s experience could be half that?

As an occasional volunteer I know our Visitor Center indirectly delivers a whole lot of TOP tax revenue annually. Visitors dine, shop, sleep and “Adventure Where We Live” with the information we give them. They also return for invaluable repeat visits or even relocation.

Speaking of relocation, the Visitor Center must stay in its current Beeline/Main “location, location, location.” The Green Valley Parks and Rec building may have “location” or even “location, location,” but it does not offer “location, location, location.”

Please, TOP council, “conflate” these two issues and reconsider where the best return on investment lies. Our Visitor Center provides substantial bang for the buck and deserves a great deal more support while remaining part of Rim Country Chamber of Commerce.

Susan Campbell, Payson

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