A letter writer is horrified by the thought that our government is “very similar to the relationship between the government in Russia and the oligarchs.” (“Impeachment hearings,” Roundup, Nov. 26)

Unfortunately the letter writer is correct in her assessment, but wrong in whom she is blaming for it. It would be far more accurate to designate the Democrats and their infestation of socialists as the culprits, for it appears most of the CEOs of most of the corporations of America — the oligarchs — are supporting the Democrats and their impeachment hoax.

Oh, by the way: The ambassadors who were “willing to tell the truth” at the impeachment hearings “because it is the right thing to do” did tell the truth after the Republicans dragged it out of them: Not one of them had evidence of presidential wrongdoing; it was all their “presumptions,” they said, born, no doubt, of hatred for the first president in decades to stand up for what America stands for. Hearsay is not admissible as evidence.

Donald L. Cline

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Virginia Sparks

What Mr. Cline overlooks is the fact that I am Not blaming a party, I am blaming thugs like Mr. Juliani and his cohorts for the situation. My hope is that when we get rid of the Julianis involved in our government, both Republicans and Democrats will move beyond the partisan "politics as usual" and finally work FOR US. Without this more cooperative attitude of compromise, that is required in a messy democracy, WE ARE DOOMED!

Ted Paulk

Donald Trump has been "borrowing" money from Russia since 1996.

Trump, jr commented on the fact that no American bank would loan the Trumps money, "We don't need them, Russia takes care of us."

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