I’m trying to understand, like most of us, the attack on our Capitol and our representatives, an attack that left six people dead, three from lack of access of emergency access for medical personnel and Capitol police officers Sicknick and Liebengood.

Our president who incited this attack on our Capitol and Democracy won’t even allow the American flag to fly at half mast at the White House in their honor. This president does not represent the values I was raised with by a mother and father who were a part of the “Greatest Generation.”

Closer to home we now have our elected state senator, Wendy Rogers who says this was all done by antifa when most all of us know it was almost exclusively Trump supporters. She supports overthrowing our certified election. She supports the attack on our people and institutions. I’m bone tired of all the lies that come from Mrs. Rogers, Paul Gosar, President Trump and all of his supporters. It’s so difficult to understand people who constantly deny the truth, spread lies and disinformation and claim there’s a conspiracy every time they don’t get their way.

America is under siege from lies and conspiracies.

In politics, being deceived is no excuse. As a past civics and U.S. history educator, I know we have the strength to overcome this nonsense. We need all Americans to be involved in moving us forward. Having loyalty to family, a cause, an individual or principle is very valuable. Having blind loyalty to those same things can take you and our country to a very dark place.

Don Howard, Flagstaff

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Don Manthe

I believe they have arrested the leader of the "Oath Keepers" on conspiracy and plotting against the US Government. Glad our State Senator Wendy Rogers is a member of such an august organization.......🙄

Steve Brule

I find it pretty disconcerting to see many of the "blue lives matter" crowd awfully silent after Trump supporters bludgeoned Capitol Police to death with American Flags and fire extinguishers.

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