Bring back recycling program


I cannot express just how angry and disappointed I am over the decision to abandon the recycling program in Payson. Do you not see the beautiful place where you live, where you travel, and where you want your children to grow and nurture? What kind of a message are you sending to these children and people everywhere? Recycling is not important? It’s too hard to find a solution? This beautiful place where you live, hike, camp, and cherish is not worth saving?

The recycle bin in Green Valley Park was an invitation to disaster from the very beginning. We all knew that except the powers-that-be evidently.

People who care and want to recycle should not be punished because some people are too lazy to go to a trashcan.

There has to be another solution. Other cities, towns, and states recycle successfully. We have been patiently waiting. Please find a solution for Payson and Arizona.

Sharon Matchko, Payson

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Phil Mason

I'm OK with you or anyone else wanting to recycle, but the facts are it takes more fossil fuels to recycle stuff than it takes to make the same product with "virgin" material. Recycling was a losing program from the beginning. I lived in Phoenix and was heavily involved in the city programs and it cost a fortune to operate the recycling program and achieved negative results for air quality.

I guess if one wants to measure the weight of the total waste recycled as a successful program go ahead and feel good, but the facts are it is a large capital investment and actually contributes to the very environmental problems it was supposed to solve.

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