I’m writing in response to Donald Cline’s opinion in the Jan. 1 edition of the paper.

In opposition to Mr. Cline, I believe the Payson Roundup editor does a good job including opinions from both sides of the political spectrum and simply titles all MAILCALL letters with just a few words that reflect the themes of the those letters.

As far as including in the paper letters that, in your words, “vilify President Trump,” of course the paper is going to include those. I’m sure the Roundup has received plenty of letters from local residents that have very negative feelings about this man, and naturally they will print those. But, of course, the Roundup also prints many letters in support of him.

I was a long time Republican until Trump won the nomination in 2016, at which time I became a registered independent. Thank God for Republicans crossing over and independents that voted in November to vote Trump out of office.

I’m one of the many who believe Donald Trump was intellectually, psychologically and morally unfit to be president of our great country. We don’t deserve as our president a man who is a serial and compulsive liar, insatiable narcissist who cares about no one but himself, a bully, a childish name-caller, a misogynist and a corrupt businessman.

I am so relieved and thankful he has but a few days left until he’s out the door.

Jack McDonald

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Charles Eby

Jack, as a former Republican, now Independent, I've got to completely agree on your assessment of Donald Trump. I am hoping that the new administration can repair the foreign policy damage our current president has done. He alienated our allies and embraced our enemies. That doesn't seem like a wise plan to me.

Don Manthe

I, as an former Republican, completely agree with you about Mr. Trump (aka Individual #1). However, the events of the past several days indicate that he is a clear and present danger to the Republic and our Democracy. Therefore, I am not confident we as a nation, can just wait him out. I am of the opinion we need to remove him and prosecute him for sedition, at the peril of further damage to the Nation. Unfortunately, the danger of things becoming even worse is clear and present.

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