On Sept. 25 the Roundup, much to my surprise, printed a letter from a woman condemning the proposed Green Valley Park splash pad because the “noisy children” would disturb her.

She waxed, kinda eloquently, about how the park was “designed to be a passive park,” “a place to come and watch eagles and birds,” “a quiet place for reflection.”

Imagine my further surprise to see a similar letter in the Roundup the following week when another person doubled down with a letter offering her Scrooge-like anti-kid remarks.

She writes, “Green Valley is a quiet peaceful park.”

“Hundreds of screaming kids running through the sprinklers” would disturb her.

I walk around the park at least four times a week and have rarely seen more than a dozen kids at the playground there.

I’m not sure we would ever have “hundreds of kids” at the park, even on the Fourth of July.

Green Valley Park covers 13 acres. Surely these two seekers of tranquility could remove themselves to a more quiet location; the Pioneer Cemetery is just around the corner.

The solitude of the graveyard just might be their cup of tepid tea.

The proposed splash pad is half the size of a basketball court and directly across the street from Julia Randall ELEMENTARY School.

I live directly above JRE and love the cacophony of the children’s voices at recess.

Children’s laughter does not detract from a park’s ambiance; it enhances the experience.

I think Payson’s parks were designed for everyone, especially children, and I cannot fathom why the Roundup would publish the first letter, much less the second one.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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Phil Mason

Jack, actually, the idea I was hoping the grouchy NIMBY/BANANA people would embrace is to take a long walk to Cordes Junction and let families enjoy the Splash Pad without negativity.

Phil Mason

For those who want the utmost in peace and tranquility, simply meander about two miles west on Country Club/Doll Baby Road. There is a few million acres there for the utmost in seclusion, peace and tranquility - unless you come across a bear of javalina.

Jack Handy


You're going to give the grouchy old get off my lawn people an idea now. Perhaps that's where the splash pad should be built. Bears like splash pads too, not so sure about the javalina however. #bearsplashpadsmatter


Jack Handy

Now where have I seen the cemetery suggestion before?

Oh, I know, an uneducated dolt resembling myself suggested that long ago. I might be dumb, but at least I'm original.


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