Citizens must unify


I am sad to write this after reading the article (Group wants to recall mayor, three council members) in this morning’s Roundup. It would seem to me that the people in Payson wanted a fresh start according to the last election. The mayor, a newcomer to town won; Jim won without a runoff, also a newcomer to town; and Suzy, president of Payson Community Kids, won as a write-in candidate. I believe the people of Payson deserve to know who is on the recall committee and how many are on the said committee. Why is it a secret committee?

Thousands of dollars is tossed out on the recall petitions. Does the recall committee have hard data to back up that claim? Bringing city staff into the recall should be of no value. They cannot be interviewed, or state their views for fear of losing their jobs. Following ethical decisions is a judgment call and can be very difficult to back up with hard data.

The secret committee is dividing our nice little town. Their claims have not been backed up with hard data as far as I can tell. I believe the real sin here is their position about the way Payson should be run. Sin and hate can destroy a town or government.

We must as a town of citizens unify.

Don Beatty

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Jack Hastings

We know Morrissey loves a good conspiracy theory. Some basic research of his past makes that clear.The recall effort is nothing more than a 9 month performance review organized by the'' Good ole Boys"" and he forgets the ''Good ole Girls'' and ''Young voters ''as well.We the people find Morrissey lacking in his performance as the leader of our town. We want someone more functional.We did some basic research of his past and the only one hiding anything is Tom Morrissey.

Paul Frommelt

And keep in mind, that a recall election will cost Payson Taxpayers around $30,000.00! We elected fresh faces for a reason. We want a change in the direction of our town. We are tired of the same old, same old "good 'ol boy" tactics of the past decades. Our new council has only been in office a matter of months. That's hardly time to change all of the embedded issues we have here. I get the feeling that someone behind the scenes is running scared!

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