A young mother disposing of her just-born baby is a heartbreaking murder, but in a clinic it would be just another form of abortion?

7,000 American military deaths during 2001-2019 is a horrible travesty of war, but over 14,000 homicides in Baltimore and Chicago during that same time was barely newsworthy?

We have many good laws to protect minors from dangerous substances such as alcohol and cigarettes, but it’s OK to subject them to harmful puberty blocking drugs and irreversible gender reassignment surgery?

Prior to the profuse worldwide use of fossil fuels, the Earth’s climate changed many times throughout millions of years creating many catastrophic weather events. Now, every severe weather is human caused and not related to any climatic variability?

Is the Equality Act fair to biological female athletes who have to compete against bigger and stronger transgendered biological male athletes who have an unfair strength advantage in sports?

A recent study has shown that the achievement gap between white students and minority students is far worse in progressive cities than conservative cities. Is it professional malpractice to use limited instructional time on topics such as gender identity issues and preferred pronoun choice when students’ academic skills are so far below level?

Mass shootings happen most frequently in gun free zones. Shouldn’t gun free zones have armed protection?

In many places, non-citizens are already being allowed to vote; in addition, the proposed House legislation, “For The People,” would lower the voting age to the ridiculous level of 16, and impede routine voter roll maintenance, yet, President Trump is a threat to our election integrity?

Yes, some common sense is desperately needed!

Shirley Davis, Payson

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