I assume that all the Payson Roundup readers are reasonable, rational people. Check this small sampling of current events and see if you agree that they reflect common sense.

Does it make sense:

To defund police and ICE?

To release thousands of prisoners?

To create an unprecedented humanitarian crisis by allowing thousands of illegal aliens into our country each month giving them free education and health care using our tax dollars?

To deny us opportunities to become energy independent, as we once were?

To continue the annual killing of approximately 350,000 unborn children?

To initiate lawsuits preventing forensic audits verifying election integrity?

To expand wokeness? Mother is now being replaced with birthing person?

To let biological boys pretend to be girls expecting us to pretend with them?

To permit “pretend girls” to compete in women’s sports and use women’s showers?

To continue to support sanctuary cities allowing illegal criminals to live without fear of apprehension, resulting in increasing crime waves?

To promote the idea that there are more than two genders?

To continue to pay people more than they could earn so they can stay home?

To continue the march towards Socialism; the first step towards Communism?

To continue the attack on Christianity?

To continue allowing big tech to decide for everyone what is truth and what is fiction, marginalizing free speech?

To have public schools teach Critical Race Theory? (CRT takes the position that racism pervades our institutions, our beliefs and our everyday practices.)

To fly the American flag and have it be considered controversial?

To now consider “Everything” is racist?

To be canceled if you have conservative values or biblical leanings?

This is America? Does this help us “Promote a More Perfect Union?” This is divisive, UN-American, very sad and in some cases evil, turning common sense on its head. Yet, all of the above were initiated, approved of and even promoted by the current administration. Maybe a change in the administration is overdue! Wake up folks!

Norm Liesener, Payson

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