Kathryn Ehrlich is worried about Communism in America. It’s already in the White House. It’s official, Donald Trump was elected with help from Russia, our communist enemy that hates America. This is the conclusion of the Republican-controlled United States Senate Intelligence Committee after many months of investigation. No fake news here, their final report was just released. Russia conducted an “aggressive, and multifaceted” effort to sway the 2016 election for Trump that his campaign new about and welcomed.

Trump, on national television asked Russia for help. The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee criminally referred Trump’s son and son-in-law for potentially false and misleading testimony. Imagine our worst enemy wanting Donald Trump to be our president and they succeeded. WOW.

Russia has a huge army and thousands of nuclear missiles aimed at every major city in America, but they got their choice for our president into the White House without firing a shot. Instead of bullets and bombs and missiles they just fooled us with fake news and social media posts spreading pro-Trump propaganda and the kinds of lies he spreads every day ... over 20,000 since his election.

As a retired Army officer, I am shocked and, frankly, afraid for our democracy. I sincerely hope my neighbors with pro-Trump signs and banners realize they are helping our worst enemy, an enemy who is accused of paying a bounty to Taliban fighters for every American service person they kill. Are we going to let Russia meddle in this fall’s election too?

Trump’s own senior adviser on intelligence says they already are. Are we going to fall for fake propaganda again? Are we going to elect a Russian puppet again? Now that we know the truth (remember this is a Republican truth not a Democratic claim), let’s “Just Say No” to Russia and rid our country of Donald Trump as president and his communist masters.

Ric Hinkie, Payson

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