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Here we go again with “if we build they will come” part 2.

The MHA after successfully adding turn lanes and a paved entrance to University Way that goes nowhere to no university they have completely clear cut substantial acreage to build ballfields and potentially months, plural, down the road a community center.

I do not remember articles describing how the shortage of more ballfields has negatively impacted future controlled growth of our community.

AND, now that water will be flowing from the Cragin Reservoir why not use grass? How will the use of this natural resource negatively impact the planned growth of Payson as well as replenishing the water table needed when the potential 30-year drought continues?

AND the community center. Yet another project I do not remember people of Payson demanding.

AND, according to my conversation with a town official, Varxity is again mentioned as a potential user of the ballfields and community center. A project the people of Payson have already rejected.

The article in the Roundup mentions the need of a public/private partnership to complete the project. This is another way of saying increase our taxes for an idea the people have not requested nor had input!

Once again town officials have conspired to complete a desired pet project for which no one asked. A project that the community has already stated it did not want.

Now to access. Since the town and MHA believe this project whenever completed will be in constant use and demand I suggest complete University Way as a direct access route rather than directing all this traffic through our neighborhoods.

Once again we see Town of Payson officials and MHA going full throttle on a project that was not requested by the community, one that once details were uncovered in the past the people strongly spoke out against.

David Ganz, Payson

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Phil Mason

Exactly what has the "community" requested? Was there a "community" approval for filling potholes? I do not remember voting for that. Was there a "community" request for striping lanes> I do not remember voting for that either. What I do remember is an election where the "community" approved the election of a Mayor and City Council to manage the affairs of our town. I remember debates on the vision for the future of our "community" during the last election cycle and the "community" decided on whom they trusted to set the agenda. If you feel you represent the "community", why don't you put yourself up for office. Our Mayor and Council are working every day to make Payson a better "community" in a system called a representative government. I am not prepared to invest the time required to run our government. Until I am willing to do so, I will support those who are sacrificing their time and energy to do that generally thankless job.

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