If you are a liberal who just hates Trump, or a Christian who simply won’t vote, or votes against Christian values, I am going to fill you in as to why I am voting a straight Republican ticket.

I am voting for all Republicans because I am sick to death of all the destruction the liberals are doing to this once beautiful and relatively safe country. I am fed up with their disrespectful divisiveness. They destroy public property and harass law-abiding citizens. They insult our veterans and treat law enforcement with contempt and hatred. They want to tear down our military, tear down our history, and tear down our borders. They tear things down but never build anything up. They murder the most innocent while still in the womb. They want to take away my First Amendment rights just because I don’t agree with them, and they want to remove my constitutional right to protect myself from a tyrannical government. They want to raise taxes and brainwash our kids into believing socialism is the answer to everything. They attack Christians and glorify violence and thug culture. They are bent on destroying America and further dividing the people so they can offer fake solutions for future votes. The Democratic Party is a party that celebrates when destruction is achieved.

I am voting for all Republicans, including Donald Trump because every day I look at what the Democrat agenda is all about and I feel that no matter what Donald Trump says or does there is no possible way he could be any worse for our country than what the Democrats will give us.

David Wait, Star Valley

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Norma Christenson

Once again, a mean spirited snide remark from Mr. Handy.

Jack Handy


It's odd that I've yet to hear anyone voting either against President Trump, or for Creepy Joe, give any solid reasons why. It defies logic.

Typical answers are "Joe is a good man" or "Joe is an honest man" when asked what he's accomplished in nearly 50 years in government. I can't make that pencil based on the his track record, even before the latest dealings with his son were revealed this week. Honest? Yeah, I'm not seeing that.

Despite all that President Trump has accomplished in his first term, all the while battling off the crooked left and their attempts to hamstring him at every term, the people voting against him refuse to see any good. They ignore facts, such as his attempts to put a stop to the COVID-19 spread dating back to January, while the left mocked him. As facts continue to surface, history will show this panicdemic to be largely overhyped, especially when compared to the damage it did to our country and economy as a whole.

President Trump has worked without a salary, while taking a huge hit to his personal finances throughout the first term. Perhaps he should hire the Biden gang to show him how to get rich in politics.


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