Recently, we were introduced to the newest of three unattractive buildings in Payson. The proposed hotel, from the unclear rendering, is a four-story plain dark brown building with orange stripes. How does this fit in with Rim Country and ponderosa pines? Also, does the fire department have a ladder truck capable of handling a four-story building?

The new car wash is a bright blue trim, which also doesn’t fit in with the forest and it has a big, flashing billboard like Las Vegas right on one of our main corners. Was its noise pollution considered?

The new Gila County building is in the Green Valley Redevelopment area, which has historical regulations. This area was intended to be held to the early 1900s Payson look, i.e. wood looking buildings, which 405 E. Main exemplifies. Why were the town staff and the county board of supervisors not working together to create a building using the design guidelines for that area? The product is a huge dark brown warehouse that is an eyesore. Even the garbage area is of concrete block, which is ugly and is built so close to the stop sign you can’t see around it.

When I asked a board member about the building, I was told they could make it look better with paint, stonework and landscaping. The landscaping was apparently not done by a professional and not much money was budgeted for it as the plants are small, spread out in lots of decomposed granite. Why was not the town’s 28-page xeric landscape booklet used? It has many wonderful xeric plants, including native grasses that would greatly add to the aesthetics. And, flowering trees and trees that have fall color would add to our community.

Again, we are a mountain town, not Gilbert, where DG is prolific. It is a shame no more thought or consideration was put into that expensive, much needed endeavor.

A previous mayor disbanded the Design Review Committee, which is also a shame. Towns and cities with design review standards look better and more cohesive and are able to acquire grants more easily.

I wonder if one person can cancel a committee that a whole council had to approve? And, are the guidelines being enforced? Apparently not.

Jeanie Langham

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Nancy Volz

Good letter. Unfortunately, many newer residents don't know much of the history or what made Payson.

Jeff Robbins

Make Payson a destination have a plan and clean it up

There is a lot a community can do to improve revenue streams without raising taxes

Every community has naysayers. Whatever the civic or community leaders propose to do, some people will always say things like: “you can’t do it”, “it won’t work”, “it costs too much”, “we tried that already”.

“no”, is a very powerful word in a small community, but leaders of successful communities know that “yes” is a more powerful word. Yes, we can make this town a better place to live in, to look at, to work in, to visit.

Communities that prepare for the future will prosper. Those that do not will decline. Today, people and businesses can choose to live or work anywhere.

Clean up Payson

.” Looks count! Place matters! Mark Twain put it this way, “We take stock of a city like we take stock of a man. The clothes or appearance are the externals by which we judge.”

Successful communities pay attention to where they put development, how it is arranged and what it looks like.

Successful communities pay attention to aesthetics. They control signs, they plant street trees, they protect scenic views and historic buildings, and they encourage new construction to fit in with the existing community.

Successful communities have strong leaders and committed citizens. A small number of committed people can make a big difference in a community.

The research found that small towns with strong economic performance share several key traits, such as: travel, tourism and recreation as key industries; prevalence of professional services; a culture of entrepreneurship; and research universities and 4-year colleges

Clean up commercial and residential blight

Reach out to own growing art community for historic western sculpture and art

Adopted a town wide color palate

Plant some trees.

Utilize the event center more-Have more events

Increase revenues streams like a place for overnight camping – promote shop local incentives-Build tourist friendly infrastructure.

Budget for maintenance and failing infrastructure- Have a plan

Relax zoning restrictions to encourage affordable housing and business investment.

Focus on development projects like a pool- parks and a rec center to attract more families and tourists. And business’

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