Mercifully, the “Reno” Diamondbacks season has come to an end. Along the way, we’ve learned some things about our local MLB team. For example:

1. You can’t compete on the major league level with a bunch of minor league players on your roster. As evidence, witness the 100+ losses this season.

2. Torey Lovella is not a miracle worker and shouldn’t be held accountable for being forced to manage with one hand tied behind his back.

3. The owner, president, and general manager of the D-Backs own the dismal state of the D-Backs via their trades, pennypinching, and lack of keeping original D-Backs talent.

4. Players like “Goldy,” Greinke, Swanson, Robbie Ray, Haniger, Segura, JD Martinez, Escobar, Upton, AJ Pollock, et al. should not have been able to ‘“escape” from the D-Backs system so easily.

I’d suggest keeping Marte, Varsho, Pavin Smith, Carson Kelly, and perhaps Peralta. Everyone else, including “MadBum,” should either be traded, released, or sent to Reno or Amarillo. The fans deserve better than what we received from the D-Backs organization this season.

Not only are the D-Backs tough to watch on TV, but to travel from the Rim Country to Phoenix to watch them in person seems to not be a wise investment of time, effort, and money.

Richard Meszar, Whispering Pines

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Phil Mason

I generally agree with your overall assessment. My only argument is that the manager is responsible for the mental, physical and overall boneheaded plays that happen nearly every game. Even Rookie League neophytes do not make the number of errors the "Major Leaguers" make on the DBacks.

It seems that they keep the incompetents and fire/trade the skilled. Even the Bidwills have found the magic elixir after many decades of failures.

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