Re: Anne Henning letter about Trump

It is time for all Americans to put the Trump fantasy presidency away forever. Tens of thousands of Americans died from Covid-19 because he told us it was just like the flu, a hoax, a Chinese plot, and we did not need to protect ourselves. Months went by and people died, and died, and died.

But worst of all, he, even now, continues to challenge our basic beliefs in democracy. The conservative Supreme Court, all red state governors, all 50 court cases, even Senator Mitch McConnell agrees he lost. But the big lie still rages on further dividing us.

This is the very same lie that caused the attack by his supporters on our Capitol. Think about that. A United States president, sworn to protect our beloved Constitution, violates that oath and encourages an insurrection. All of the over 400 perpetrators that have been arrested are Trump supporters. Can’t blame anyone else.

As to the list of claimed accomplishments, each can easily be debunked with the facts. But add to his list the fact that the Republican Senate Intelligence Committee agreed that Russia, our sworn enemy helped get him elected in 2016. And then there are his personal ethical failings: An unrepentant adulterer, who admitted on video that he grabbed women’s private parts, stands accused of tax fraud, hiring prostitutes, and who made millions while president at his various hotels and resorts as you and I footed the bills for the Secret Service and his over 250 rounds of golf. Oh, and then he paid only $750 in taxes on millions of income. Wow what a president. Someone we should clearly have our kids and grandkids look up to.

I guess I am just a “sucker,” his word for those that didn’t dodge the draft as he did, for serving in uniform for 23 years.

Ric Hinkie, Payson

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