Well, fellow veterans, I guess we know how our current commander-in-chief views us. On Memorial Day I wear my dog tags and those of my father and grandfather in honor of the courage and sacrifices, whatever they may have been, of serving our country.

Under orders of the president we were sent to various places into various degrees of risk, leaving family to wonder at our fate. To me that speaks of military personnel’s dedication to country, not of our being “suckers.”

We may, as I have, seen comrades die. I can assure you they were not “losers,” but were willing to lay their lives on the line in service to America, to you.

I recently visited a national cemetery, where my wife now lies, and was humbled by the thousands of markers of the men and women who served in peace and war. Someday I will join her amid my comrades-in-arms.

I could be callous and say our president may suffer from “bone spurs” on the brain, but he simply cannot understand, despite having attended military school, the honor that we veterans hold for our brothers and sisters of the uniformed services.

My Navy buddies in town are like family, and our Marines, whom we traditionally poke at, are most-honorable men and women.

Please, Mr. President, do not disparage us or those who lead us. We and our families, who also sacrificed, might be, um, “peeved” ... when we vote.

Randy Mynard, Payson

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Trump has done more for the military and veterans than anybody. I served as a Colonel under Obama and he was a hopeless disaster. Trump NEVER said these things and anybody with a lick of sense knows it. But you haters gonna hate huh!!

Jack Handy


Despite the long list of anonymous witnesses to this behavior, it was quickly disproven by an even longer list of people willing to stand up for the President and his feelings towards the veteran community. Even John Bolton, an outspoken Trump critic, stood up for the President.

That "news" story went away as fast as it appeared as it was a total hit piece. The radical left is desperate and will do whatever they can to prop up Creepy Joe at this point. That ship is sinking. Get on board the Trump Train. Trump has done more in less than 4 years than Joe has done in close to 50. Stop believing the media nonsense.


Ted Paulk

Excellent letter.

How can any Veteran support Trump!!!


Well this one does!!

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