I have been following the COVID numbers game since March 2020 and am curious on how China has not experienced the pandemic on a large scale as other countries have.

I was looking at CDC website the other day (Nov. 29) and noticed that China was number 67 in ranking regarding coronavirus confirmations and deaths. China was showing 92,796 confirmations and 4,796 deaths.

The top five countries at last count are (numbers are rounded off and of course subject to change):

U.S. – 13.4 million confirmed, 266,895 deaths

India – 9.4 million confirmed, 137,139 deaths

Brazil – 6.4 million confirmed, 172,833 deaths

Russia – 2.3 million confirmed, 39,491 deaths

France – 2.3 million confirmed, 52,410 deaths

Now China has a rough population of 1.4 billion people, the United States has about 328 million people. Now compare COVID 13.4 million confirmed (U.S.) to 93,796 confirmed (China). Now, what’s wrong with this picture?

Is it just me that’s asking these questions, is nobody else paying attention as to why the national media is not asking these questions; perhaps China does have a magic pill.

RW Zen, Payson

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Don Evans

Hire Mr. Paulk to issue citations for local violators of Govt. mandates. Is it not curious that the Wuhan China Virus that supposedly escaped from their lab, has not affected the huge Shanghai population center less than 20 miles away.

Jack Handy

China already controls their citizens via the media, they don't need the threat of a panicdemic to add to that system. The testing and numbers here are admittedly flawed. Stop watching the news and live your life. If you are in a high risk group, stay home, or wear that non-effective t-shirt over your face and ignore the science as it relates to microns and filtering of a non-airborne virus.


Ted Paulk

Stop with the conspiracy theories.

Trump denied the virus was real for months!

We can't get the governor of Arizona to implement a face mask policy...

And we can't get the local stores and police department to enforce the mask policy in our local stores in Payson.

The blame is ours! Not China's!

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