Don’t fall for it


Don’t be taken in by the Rim Country Educational Foundation (RCEF) and the good old boy system.

1.) Despite a public relations mistake in the handling of the firing of the old town manager, there are reasons he had to go. After raise upon raise Mr. LaRon Garrett was making $160,000 a year. The governor of Arizona makes $95,000.00! So overpaid and in the old system’s pocket.

2.) Bond cost for Cragin Reservoir project was $30 million. It is now up to $52 million spent and running with no real end in sight. We the public deserve to know about this misuse of our taxes.

3.) Actions of the former and the old city council and their broken promises. (No new taxes and where the money will go.)

4.) Rumsey Park fiasco: Spent at least $75,000 for a private entity to do a study for a hockey arena and a few amenities thrown in to appease the public. They tried to take over our park, the public rejected their proposals and now the RCEF wants the voters and city council to bail them out after the university dreams collapsed. This is on private land; is their private business and they need to sink or swim on their own! (I heard the cost to the city may be $500,000-$700,000 a year! Don’t fall for their greed! I strongly suggest. The RCEF release their financial backers, if any. Get real Payson voters! The greed and possibly graft will be exposed if voters let this play out. We demanded/voted for a change and they keep trying to draw us into their web.

5.) Right now, their land is partially raped of trees and no new work has been done. Just empty promises, BEEN there and we rejected their dubious plans.

One last thought — if their project is so special, let them build it all and then, and only then, ask the town to possibly get involved. Don’t be influenced by their emphasis on the handling of the town manager being let go. It needed to be done.

John Metzger, Payson

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