I was appalled when I read the letter that A. McKinney wrote to you stating no one should vote for a Democrat.

I’m an old lady who has always voted and take pride in our beautiful but troubled country. I don’t and WON’T have anyone tell me how I should VOTE!

In my opinion President Trump is nothing but a womanizer, crook, BULLY and most of all a LIAR!

Lets give the courts of this grand country a chance to let the truth come out for the public to help decide what is best. (Whatever that may be).

I encourage every person who can vote to do so and vote who YOU believe can help this country the most ... whether it’s a Republican, independent or Democrat!

Mary Motz, Pine

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Phil Mason

Mary, I would never tell you how to vote, but I will tell you that you and every other voter should be fully informed on the current positions taken by political parties - as stated in their Party Platforms - and not rely on memories of historic positions taken.

Most people who look at historic data agree that John Kennedy would be aligned with the right center of the Republican Party.

In fact, even Barack Obama is reprimanding the current flock of candidates that they have strayed too far left into socialism. When former President Obama says you are too far left for his comfort, you are at the precipice of political suicide.

I highly recommend the following before casting your vote:



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