Many on the right seem to forget the last two decades of economic ups and downs. They cheer the great Trump economy and have forgotten the economy that he inherited. They think that Trump entered office and pushed a button and immediately the economy became the greatest in the history of our country. Sorry, not so.

Nobody will deny that things are good. We have had 10 straight years of economic growth and declining unemployment. This trend started after the economy was raised out of the ashes of the great recession. Housing prices plummeted, financial institutions failed and the auto industry and others were on the verge of bankruptcy. The previous administration intervened and the economy started to heal.

So ask the question why with this great economy do we have budget deficits twice what they were in 2016 with $3 trillion added to the national debt. Why a massive tax cut did not increase tax revenues and corporate investment as promised. Ask why GDP growth is no different from the growth that this administration inherited and not the 4% plus we were promised. Little on infrastructure and we are on the hook for $70 billion because of tariffs.

Richard Hunt, Payson

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Phil Mason

You are obviously one of the greatest fabulists in the Rim Country.

The economy was doddering around at a 1% - 1.5% growth rate under the policies of the Obama Administration even with the cooperation of the Yellen's Federal Reserve monetary policy that created the lowest interest rates in 200 years. President Obama made public pronouncements that we would never again see growth rates of three percent growth.

After President Trump was elected the Federal Reserve immediately changed the monetary policy and increased the interest rates that reduced economic growth.

In spite of those headwinds, our economy blossomed to 3% growth, the unemployment rate went to historic lows, the growth in wealth of the lowest economic groups grew at twice the rate of the highest economic group, and people returned to the workforce. NONE of that happened under the policies of the Obama Administration.

SO, if you are going to be a fabulist, at least protect yourself by printing your propaganda in an area where there is not easily demonstrable proof of your prevarications.

As to the growth in the deficit/debt, a first year student in college learns that the US gov't budget is written in the House of Representatives - under the authority of Speaker Pelosi. Uncle Sam has seen an unprecedented growth in revenues, but there is not enough revenue in the universe that the Democrat House cannot overspend. It is the wasted pork barrel spending and that alone that has caused increased debt.

C'mon man. Stop parroting the propaganda of the Pelosi/Mad Maxine/Chucky Dems. It is embarrassing you - even if you don't know it.

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