I object to both the headline of the article “Voting restrictions trigger furious debate at legislature” (Roundup, Apr. 9th) and the caption to the picture of Rep. Walt Blackman in which he, Rep. Brenda Barton, and Senator Wendy Rogers are said to support increased voting “restrictions” in Arizona.

They are not “restrictions.” They are civic duties for bona fide citizens of the state of Arizona and they are prohibitions for illegal aliens and others prohibited from voting, such as felons, citizens who have already voted, non-residents of the state of Arizona, and dead people.

I understand that liberals and Democrats and communists (do I repeat myself?) have an intense desire to do whatever is necessary to increase their vote tally in any election, but their efforts to do so by allowing illegal aliens and others prohibited from voting is as despicable as using voting machines designed to rig the vote in their favor. Oh. Did I repeat myself again?

I encourage all reading this to contact your state representatives and the governor to urge passage of SB 1485 and SB 1713 in the interests of election integrity.

Voting is the right of a citizen in full possession of his natural and fundamental rights and the preservation of our rights depends upon election integrity. If a person can’t remember to sign his mail-in ballot or complete any of the other requirements, then he is not competent to be voting in the first place.

Donald L. Cline, Star Valley

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Ted Paulk

the election was not rigged.

Joe Biden won.

Donald Trump lost.

You and your ilk have beat this dead horse to shreds.

Republican politicians are trying to suppress voting...

Give it up Donnie.

Jack Handy

Following the laws and making sure 1 person gets 1 vote is now suppression? If everything is on the up and up, why are is left protesting this movement so much? What are they afraid of?


Don Manthe

Answer: Republicans trying to suppress voting is what the majority of Americans are afraid of...🙄

Ted Paulk

Republicans seem more anxious about their guns than the right to vote.

Let me vote please...

I don't care about your guns!

Ted Paulk

Arguing with Trump/Gosar followers is like playing chess with a pigeon...

Jack Handy

Early reports that I'm seeing circulating are showing roughly 250K votes in Arizona alone that were fraudulent/invalid that shouldn't have been counted. Creepy Joe "won" by 11K votes. This dead horse is showing signs of life. No wonder the left doesn't want an audit.


Ted Paulk

"Early reports" from whom? Alex Jones? Sean Hannity? Tucker Carlson? Sorry Handy man but that dog won't hunt. Over 60 lawsuits brought by the Republicans claiming voter fraud have been thrown out...even by the Republican stacked Supreme Court. I cannot understand how Donald Trump, who told over 6,000 blatant lies in 4 years, can influence anyone...Doesn't it bother you to follow such a criminal? There was no fraud, there is no fraud. The only fraud is the lies being told by Fox, Trump, and people who would see their fellow Americans lose the right to vote...just to perpetuate the memory of Donald J. Trump.

Ted Paulk

What are Republicans afraid of? You think counting votes a FOURTH time will seal the deal? How many times do we have to prove pig45 lost by 7 million votes?

Ted Paulk

Doobie Brothers has a song for conspiracy theorists

What A Fool Believes.

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