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Every management course taught will address at some point “employee Satisfaction.” Because the cost of replacing employees is expensive. So, why do good loyal long-term employees leave their jobs?

First, let’s ask, why does a person stay at a job? Although money is one of the reasons, it has been proven that money alone will not retain an employee who does not have job satisfaction. One of the most important is that a person feels self-worth.

Let’s take the case of a school bus driver. A good school bus driver sought out the job because they like children and driving appeals to them.

This past week there was an article in the Payson Roundup about the shortage of school bus drivers and how this was a negative impact on parents and children. It also went on to point out that one of the major issues was job stress; but, it didn’t specify why the job is so stressful.

In a discussion with several prior school bus drivers, the overriding issue was misbehaving children.

Now you might think that there would be something that could easily address the behavior of children. Not all children misbehave. However, all children have wants. So the children who misbehave are doing so because they either already have everything they want or their misbehavior is being rewarded in such a way as to encourage this continued misbehavior.

Experience indicates that anyone who misbehaves (an adult or child) simply has not learned that there are consequences for misbehavior.

A suggestion to start the conversation might be:

1. Anyone who does not follow established bus etiquette will be given a warning for the first offense.

2. The second offense will result in loss of bus privileges for one week.

3. The third offense will result in the loss of bus privileges for one month.

4. The fourth offense will result in the loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Since the law requires parents to make sure their child(ren) are in school until the age of 16, the parents are required to either enforce consequences for misbehavior or find a way to transport their student(s) so that they are at school on time.

Richard Meyer, Payson

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Phil Mason

AMEN Actual consequences for bad behavior. A not so novel, yet almost forgotten, idea.

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