That which our Founding Fathers feared the most, the ascendency of one branch of government (particularly the Executive) over the other two, has come to pass. The failure of Congress to provide a meaningful “brake” on the out-of-control Executive more than likely signals the end to our constitutional democracy.

In the future, we can no longer rely on “checks and balances” to moderate the excesses of any one branch of government. The result will be, in effect, a burgeoning dictatorship wherein the rule of law is subordinated to the desires of one immoral, powerful individual.

Like most Americans, I thought such a debacle could not happen in our country. I was wrong. A craven, greedy Senate has put us on a path which may very well lead to our joining the ranks of North Korea, China, and Russia, in terms of “Rule by the Strongman.” We shall in all likelihood “reap the whirlwind” of our political cowardice.

Robert Horne, Pine

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Lois Rogers

Thank you, Robert, for a clearly stated summary of what is going on. The truth is the truth. Lois Rogers

Jack Handey

So the fact that not a single Congressman/woman/person from GOP supported this action doesn't show you that there is a fundamental problem with it from the inception? Impeachment being used as a political tool is far more problematic than a Senate that voted not to convict because the House did not follow the Constitution during the process in the House, including the excessive delay in the transmittal for something that was declared to be an issue requiring the President's immediate removal. It was a farce from the get go. The Ukrainian president, who was purported to be the victim of the alleged extortion, has said repeatedly that he was never pressured.

The unwillingness of a party to accept the outcome of an election and spend hundreds of millions of our taxpayer monies to attempt to thwart and even remove the duly elected President is the issue here. Get ready for the next round as it's coming.

Daniel Roberts

I couldn't agree with you less, Sir. I believe that members of Congress used the Impeachment process as a weapon to try and derail the Presidents re-election by falsely accusing him of a crime that they were unable to prove because he hadn't committed them. And come election day, you will personally see how many citizens have the same opinion as I on the matter....

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