When emotions become part of the equation, logic leaves the room.

Seems some of your readers want to compare the experimental Covid-19 jab to abortion choice because protesters had signs that said “My Body, My Choice.”

The fact is abortion is legal, up to nine months, to the point of delivery in some states, New York and Virginia, as examples.

The fact is that mandating (a vaccine) that only has FDA “emergency use authorization” and is not scheduled for final FDA “approval” until 2023 makes any mandate for the jab illegal … the Covid-19 jab has not been thoroughly tested and long term effects are unknown … we are the lab rats and the “vaccine” makers have been given total indemnity from any damages it causes. That means hospitals and corporations who mandate this experimental jab will be liable for any damages incurred … forcing or coercing this experiment is not only unconstitutional, but it goes against the “Nuremberg Code” which is international law.

Hospitals across our country are watching their experienced vital workers walk away … all for a virus that has a better than 99% survival rate for health people under 70 years of age and a 94% recovery for people over 70 years old with viable and verifiable treatment.

As for the immigrant melting pot that makes up America, my paternal grandparents came through Ellis Island and they were checked for communicable diseases … they had to provide the name and address of their family left behind and the name and address of the relative or sponsor who was going to provide them shelter, if they didn’t come with the funds deemed necessary for such. They also had to become U.S. citizens before they could vote … they did not come here illegally and have shelter, food, clothing, medical care and air travel provided to them by U.S. taxpayers.

It seems some people are programmed to see racism where none exists.

Finally for your mainstream media consumers who have been told that election fraud is the “Big Lie” … the ongoing forensic audits in Az., Ga., Pa., Wis., Mich. and other states which will culminate with all 50 states demanding a forensic audit … with the results coming forward, your TV will no longer be able to spin the narrative and you will see who has been telling the “Big Lie.”

Yvonne Spryn

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Don Manthe

"The fact is" that your letter has few to no facts - and that's a fact.

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