There has been much press lately about the mayor’s intent to dissolve the Rim Country Educational Alliance. I have a simple question — why? Do the mayor and certain other members of the town council have a better solution or are they just on a personal vendetta to discredit members of previous administrations and other volunteers that have spent countless hours trying to further the cause of improved education and opportunity for Payson residents?

During a recent town council meeting where dissolving RCEA was on the executive session agenda, I asked during the call to the public session what was driving the effort to dissolve RCEA. We have not heard an answer and we deserve one. If the mayor has a better approach, let’s hear it so we can have a public discussion of the merits.

If the mayor is looking for a cause to champion, then fix the internet problem. Get the principal players in a room including Sparklight (Cable One), Suddenlink, APS, and MHA/RCEA and resolve how high-speed, redundant internet will connect to both businesses and consumers in Payson. Currently, the various initiatives are planning to install cable that will come close to Payson but not connect to our internet infrastructure (APS), or only serve businesses within 700 feet of their cable (Sparklight).

Mr. Mayor, fix the internet problem and forget about chasing perceived wrongdoings of the past. Do something that actually advances the interests of your constituents rather than subject the taxpayers to pay lawyers thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal bills that provide absolutely no benefit to the town.

Peter Kennedy, Payson

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Phil Mason

From your letter, it seems that you are of the opinion that an elected official can only look at one problem at a time.

I have found that to be a simple and inaccurate position to take when the fact is that some elected officials can work on a full portfolio - just as private enterprise entrepreneurs have to do every day - and some elected officials do not have the ability to provide even a single solution to the table.

Looking at the robust wide-ranging background of our current mayor, I believe he can handle an extensive portfolio with the backing of the community.

As to the internet problem, that has been here for decades and it is well on its way to being solved. There are detailed options available and the primary import is selecting the best option that will include the "last mile" availability to include every home and business. It will be solved in the very near future, but the final implementation will not occur immediately. It will take a process. The focus necessary in currently in place, IMHO.

Paul Frommelt

Peter, I think it comes down to a question of trust. Some say they don't trust our current mayor, who has been in office for less than a year. Others say they have no faith in any project championed by a former mayor who held office for a decade. "Trust": Hard to regain once the public feels it has been betrayed.

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