Re: Things I won’t miss (March 17 Roundup)

Apparently Mr. Horne gets all his news from the Marxist liars at CNN and MSNBC, or he has been asleep since Jan. 20, 2017.

Almost all his points perfectly describe the eight years of Obama’s attempted destruction of the country.

1. Incessant lying. Every word from Obama for eight years was a lie. Trump occasionally overstates things.

2. We did not elect Donald Trump for his civility. (He successfully took on the thugs in NYC for years.) “We the People” elected him to take our country back from the power hungry establishment (both parties) that is shredding our Constitution!

3. Unlike Obama’s destruction of jobs, President Trump has done more for minorities and women than any president since Lincoln.

4. Self Glorification? Obama thought he was God! Maybe you were not paying attention.

5. President Trump utilizes experts for everything. He does ignore the Obama plants that are still embedded in the deep state. Obama ignored experts, as he thought he knew it all!

6. Trump golfs for free at properties he owns. Obama wasted taxpayer dollars for his frequent trips to the most expensive golf courses in the country on a regular basis.

7. Disrespect toward people of color? Obama was determined to keep them on the Democrat dependent welfare plantation. President Trump’s policies have given blacks, Hispanics, women, teenagers the lowest unemployment rates in history. Also, he enjoys popularity from the black community of 30+%, a record high for any Republican president since Abraham Lincoln.

8. President Trump’s tax cuts went to working taxpayers, contrary to the lies from CNN, Pelosi, Schumer, media, etc.

9. The bias toward those thugs ended on Jan. 20, 2017. Trump ended Obama’s coddling of them, and has slapped major sanctions on North Korea and Russia.

10. Obama is the one who weaponized his bureaucracies against the press, shutting down, investigating and threatening those who reported facts he did not want out. Trump just calls out the nonstop lies by the supposed “mainstream media” which is nothing but a propaganda indoctrination wing of the leftist dominated former Democrat party.

Please enjoy the next four years as President Trump helps “We the People” take our country back!

Dale Oestmann, Pine

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