The sign in front of a local store provoked a lot of letter writing and freedom of speech proclamations. I support freedom of speech. I support clear communication. One freedom of speech letter from Star Valley claimed the sitting president is an imposter. Get over it; the Cyber Ninja recount in Arizona gave Biden 300 more votes than were originally given him. Let’s remind ourselves that for the next three years, Joe Biden is president of all Americans. You don’t have to like it, but if you are a patriot, you should not be trying to pull down a man who is trying to make America a better place.

But to the threat: after much vitriolic rhetoric, the writer concludes with a threat, saying, “The lady should be happy that all we have done so far is express obnoxious points of view.” My first question is, who is the “we” the writer is talking about? That group does not include me, to my relief. But who does it include? Is it a secret group, like the KKK? He does not identify who the group represents or is in fealty to. The group may be just the writer with a mouse in his pocket.

My second question is, what else is the writer’s group considering doing, besides expressing obnoxious opinions? Is this patriotic group proposing treason? Maybe having a car wash to raise money for disabled children? It is hard to tell from this veiled threat, but maybe the writer can clarify what his group is thinking about doing. And maybe allow a reporter into the meeting where it is discussed, if that is not too much free speech for you.

Steve Oberholtzer

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Dave Golembewski

If You Are A Patriot you will realize Biden is trying to Destroy this Country with his socialist communist agenda . Everyone knows it even the moderate Democrats who don’t support him anymore. I think 🤔 his approval rating is the lowest any president has ever gotten 😂🤣🎅🎄 Merry Christmas Joe

Charles Eby

Actually, Trump's lowest approval rating was quite a bit lower: https://ropercenter.cornell.edu/presidential-approval/highslows

Phil Mason

Gee, cherry pick one poll from the hyper left wing socialist halls of the Ivy League Cornell University and pretend it is the rating across the board. I grew up thirty miles from Cornell and worked less than a mile from their campus. they were out of touch with the country then and have been totally taken over by the communists who hate America, our flag, our Constitution and our God.

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