This July 4th, I write my Declaration of Independence from fossil fuels.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: climate change is real, human-caused, and dangerous.

In 2018, Arizona had 128 days over 100 degrees, 1 in 12 children developing asthma, and 182 Maricopa County heat-related deaths.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, warns scientists working like Paul Revere reporting, “EMISSIONS ARE COMING!” If we do not eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we are cooked!

Danger is already ashore. While the solar energy industry has emerged like minutemen to lead our country’s job growth, most of our energy consumption remains dependent on harmful fossil fuels imported from tyrants.

The American Revolutionary War has begun. In Phoenix, fossil fuel companies plan to steal all light rail expansion funding, unless we VOTE NO ON PROP. 105 on Aug. 27. In Arizona, they plan to destroy renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, unless we voice concern to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In DC, thanks to the presence of the Sunrise Movement, Democrats are considering a climate debate that can let Washington call the climate crisis to attention.

Let. Science. Ring.

Jason Zeikowitz, Phoenix

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Phil Mason

Could you explain how climate change - which happens every day, every year, every decade, every century, every millenium, and since the beginning of time - is human caused? Did human activity cause the Mega Droughts throughout time,or the Dust Bowls of the 1930's or the Little Ice Age of the 19th Century? If not, and I advance that human activity did not cause these climate changes, why is it an undebniable "fact" that human activity will cause the cataclysmic projections of the Gored? Does you Declaration from Fossil Fuels including 0 use of any motorized vehicle, 0 use of electricity from the grid, 0 use of gas for heating water or cooking, and, of course, you should not have a fireplace because it would degrade air quality. Good Luck.

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