I became eligible to vote in the late 1960s and was able to cast my ballot for the first time in the Nixon vs. Humphrey 1968 presidential election. In the subsequent 12 presidential elections, I always believed that the victors in the 1968 election were the absolute worst choices our country had ever made.

I was wrong. I long for the days of “Tricky Dick” and Spiro “Zero” Agnew! They were a walk in the park compared to the two individuals that occupy the president and vice-president slots today. I’ve voted for Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, and liberal candidates, but the current occupants of the White House do a disservice to the contributions and memories of all the previous holders of those offices.

Elevating us out of the political basement will require us to seek and reward competence, experience, truth, decency, and non-egoism.

Like possibly never before, the future of our country depends on our choices on Nov. 3.

Richard Meszar, Whispering Pines

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Kim Jeffrey Pound

Just amazes me that Trump is the bad guy but the Barry Obama administration is under investigation by the punisher, John Durham. Yeah Obama and his corrupt wingman, Eric Holder were so righteous, keep drinking the Kool-Aid!!!

Jack Handy

You can vote for the guy running on what he intends to do, after 48 years in government, including 8 as the VP, or you can vote for the guy who is running on what he's done in the last 3 1/2 years, despite meeting resistance at every turn from across the aisle. Vote Trump 2020.


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