The certified vote count in the 2016 election was Clinton: 65,853,516 and Trump: 62,984,825. Nearly 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. But because of an antiquated way of electing our president, a man who received almost 3 million less votes than his opponent became president of the United States.

The certified vote count in the 2020 election was Biden: 81,009,468 and Trump: 74,111,419. Biden won the presidency by almost 7 million votes. Although it’s now almost nine months after last November’s election, a delusional, vindictive Trump, a life-long, compulsive liar and narcissistic sociopath, continues to claim he won.

Mr. Trump, you did not win, you lost by a wide margin. And the election was not stolen from you. And it was not rigged. And three official Arizona recounts were certified by Republican officials. The current, over three-month, Cyber Ninja audit is a farce, an embarrassment to our state and complete waste of our taxpayer money. Donald, stop being a spoiled brat, you lost because a lot more people wanted Joe Biden to be their president. Get over it.

You have a much, much better chance, Donny, of going to jail for tax, real estate, insurance and bank fraud, election interference and/or sexual harassment and assault than you have of overturning the 2020 election.

Your lying, corruption, bullying, vulgarity, childish name-calling and boorish bravado are not cute or funny anymore. And for most of us, they never were.

Barbara Sharp, former proud member of the GOP

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